This past Tuesday marked the inaugural Jarabacoa Young Life Club! It was a great success as 25 high school students came curious and left eager to invite more folks. The evening activities included eating a record number of Fruit Loops, belting out “Apologize”, and unleashing a dance party in our living room. It was a blast for me and Tim to get to host the event, as we feel very blessed that the Lord has given us a house big enough in which to have kids over.

For those of you who don’t know, Tim and I have decided to become Young Life leaders here in the DR. Young Life is a ministry that exists to build relationships with high school students and present them with a picture of who Christ is in a real, relevant, and fun way. Shortly after moving here, it became evident that the Lord has been laying the foundation for this ministry to start in our town. Along with a group of 5 other outstanding leaders between 2 schools, we have definitely felt the affirmation that now is the time. We are reaping the fruit of what many before us have prayed, bled, and sweat over.

Please pray for us as we begin friendships with these high-schoolers. This Tuesday will be our 2nd Club. Pray that the Lord brings even more kids and that they would walk away full, loved, and challenged to think about Christ from a different perspective. Tim will be sharing with students on the person of Christ. This Thursday will be a culminating celebration of a semester long expedition in each grade. Pray for Tim as he is in charge of helping each class present their final product that represents weeks of experiential learning and hard work.

We are looking forward to being home with family and dear friends in just a few days!