Real, content, overjoyed-

So I asked my T-Crew girls to describe their summers thus far in just three words. I decided I should answer the question as well and my response was the above title-
real, because I have had some of the most genuine, vulnerable, and relational time ever since I've been here. Content, because I am assured everyday of my purpose in being here, and overjoyed because I feel like the phrase "my cup runs over" has been running through my head throughout each day.

Let me just say that I am LOVING being here. While being in Colorado is truly amazing, the weather has been beautiful and the scenery is breathtaking, the people here make it beyond worthwhile.

Working with the T-Crew, or kitchen staff girls has been unreal. Who would have thought that hours of behind the scenes work cleaning dishes and prepping for meals could be this amazing? What has made my time here has been the process of being humbled and reminded of my selfishness. In talking to one of my close friends who is working as a counselor here this summer, she shared that the other day she was struggling with not being patient, compassionate, or gracious towards her kids. So pretty much, I said, your realizing that everything Christ is we are simply not naturally? Yep, that's just it. I am seeing that daily-

While it was challenging at first to not be with the kids, getting to share in my girls' struggles and literally experience their joys with them has made the transition not just easier but revealed that the Lord's desire for my role this summer was beyond what good I could mentally conjure up on my own.

One phrase I want to share with you that someone shared with me just the other day is this-- "I want to ask you to speak truth into my life-"
I love this...to ask each other to breathe not flattering words but truth that refines into our lives as we work alongside one another.

As I'm cleaining I realize how great the extent of upkeep that can always and needs to be done. When left to ourselves, we accumulate filth. In the kitchen, crumbs show up, dust piles everywhere, and as I've seen in many conversations, if we don't constantly filter and guard our hearts, junk seeps in and our words and actions quickly reveal it...

So much to say and not enough time...I have to head back up the mountain now to jump back into camp world and join the kids with the beach bash.

I will write more later, but know that I truly miss you friends and pray for you many mornings as I look out and am reminded of God's sovereignty in one of the most gorgeous places on earth-