summer is here

We are back in the States. Though we've only been on US soil for a little less than a week, we've already managed to make it to Tim's 10 year reunion and spend plenty of time in Dallas poolside with the Scarborough clan. Here are a few snapshots of our first couple days back-
Meet Eli and Ezra, Tim's sister and brother-in-law's kids. They are constantly saying hilarious things that ought to be published. In fact, when I sit down on a toilet, I would rather pick up a book of their quotes over Reader's Digest any day.  I'll have to post a pic of Bryson, Tim's sister's son soon.  

In Austin, TX, we stopped by a place that has special significance to us. Our school in Jarabacoa, Doulos Discovery, owns a coffee farm on Spirit Mountain in a nearby village called Manabao. This ongoing project is the most tangible reminder of the fruits of expeditionary learning that directly impacts our students. The coffee grown on this plot of land is roasted in the DR and shipped to the coffee store above.  All proceeds directly feed back into Doulos as well as another Dominican school called Makarios.  Their motto: drink coffee, change the world.


a little some'en some'en to make you smile today:)

Wanna watch a 2 1/2 minute video of kids saying thanks? Trust me, it's worth it. Take a work break and click here: http://www.doulosdiscovery.org/. I hope it is especially encouraging to supporters and family who give and pray over the lives here.  Many of the kids in this video are my students in MS English class, my girls in YL Bible study.

Today Tim and I are at home, enjoying yet another of the inordinate amount of national holidays la Republica Dominicana has to offer.  We're not complaining.  Thank you, Corpus Christi.  Unfortunately, my backpack is 7 pounds heavy with papers-yet-to-be-graded.  Since grades are due tomorrow, I will be on lockdown for the rest of the day, working through essays, tests, and memoirs.

Tim and I fly to the states after graduation, late next Friday night.  We will head to Austin just in time to celebrate his 10 year reunion.  After that we'll spend a week with his family and then head to Tyler for family camp at Pine Cove: Woods.  We'll spend the rest of our summer touching base with supporters, inviting more folks to join our team, playing with nephews, devouring good hamburgers and BBQ, soaking up sleep, and searching for the perfect dog:)