Right now, we are her heroes.

It's hard to imagine there will come a day when she won't think we're the greatest, when she'll disobey, when she'll be embarrassed of her parents or hurt us with her words.

I heard someone say recently that we can't fully appreciate our parents until we have a child of our own. At first, in the wake of delivery and the weeks of pieced together naps, I could only think in terms of the beating your body takes in the birth process and the sacrifice of sleep. Now I've begun to think about the capacity to love, the unrequited hugeness of what we feel for our children, and the certainty that they will stray in one way or another.
I do feel infinitely more grateful for my parents and their sacrifice. But when I am left breathless at just how big my love is for her, at the depth of what I feel for this little person who has done nothing to earn it, who hasn't thanked us for our sacrifice, I am overwhelmed by what my Heavenly Father feels for me. By how He's ached, rejoiced, wept, and laughed over me. At how undeserved it all is.


Scotty and Lisa said...

OH, look at how cute you two are! She is absolutely adorable and you look fantastic with your new hair! :) I totally understand that love- it only gets deeper! It's hard to imagine God loving me (or Natalie) as much as I love her- whoa...

Love you guys!

Joy said...

How precious she is!And you both look like parenting agrees with you. What sheer joy(along with the sleeplessness!) children bring. I'll get to see your mom and dad in a few days and hear all about their trip to see you. Blessings to you!

K. Q. Ivey said...

Whitney, that's such a true statement! I'm continuously awestruck by the love I have for Jonathan. I remember praying to the Lord about enabling all that was before Jonathan to fade into black, because, while pregnant, I struggled somewhat with losing my longtime, carefree lifestyle -- my loner way of life. It's amazing -- Jonathan HAS eclipsed all that was before him. I can't even remember what it was that I thought I'd miss. My world, with Jonathan in it, is so much more fulfilling and saturated with LIFE! Oh, how what I feel for him does give me that sweet glimpse of our Father's great love for us!

Charlotte is such a happy, beautiful baby and you both look completely smitten with her:-). Indeed enjoy this special time - it goes SOOO fast! Jonathan will be 1 year in 6 weeks. I remember putting his bassinet together about this time last year...waaahhh!